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Top Score #1

1871 Spins

Prince Nallamothula
Frisco, TX

Top Score #2

1586 Spins

Grass Valley, CA

Top Score #3

1499 Spins

Kenzie Padilla

Top Score #4

1136 Spins

Dan Morgan
Lubbock, TX

Top Score #5

1051 Spins

Gretchen Reilly
New Hope, PA

Other Top Scores
1024 Spins – AdampmmsDay


1013 Spins – Jodie Maoz

Brooklyn, NY

957 Spins – Cory Kellerson

Plano, TX

849 Spins – Landon Rapinchuk

Newark, IL

830 Spins – Jim Tandy

Western Springs, IL

705 Spins – Faith Fox

Vancouver, BC Canada

673 Spins – Bruce Yoon

Eau Claire, WI

658 Spins – Martial Genest

Greenfield Park, Quebec

653 Spins – Heather Hernandez

Tomball, TX

625 Spins – Mike

Denver, CO

494 Spins – AJ Jackson

Washington D.C.

453 Spins – Craig Rapinchuk

Newark, IL

413 Spins – Marcello Tubetoys

New York, NY

391 Spins – Ariel Bello

Chicago, IL

338 Spins – Banana

Magnolia, DE

305 Spins – Patty H.

Hawthorne, NJ

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Scores may only be obtained with a SINGLE i-Top spin. This challenge is open to all residents of U.S. and Canada. Participants must submit a username, location, and score. All participants must also include a video or image of their submission as proof of their score to be considered. Participants are encouraged to check back regularly and resubmit a new, higher score. All entries will be screened by members of the i-Top Challenge Crew and may not be guaranteed on leaderboard. The i-Top challenge ends on June 1st  at 11:59 pm CST 2019. The winner will be alerted via email and will have two business days to claim the prize before a new winner is chosen. Employees and family members of Goliath are not eligible to win. Conditions apply.

Legendary Prize

Spin it to win a legendary prize: an all-inclusive, one day trip to a theme park! It includes food, drinks and a budget to spend. The highest score will win. Submit your high score before June 1st 2019. Conditions apply. Limited to five tickets.



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